How Self-Tracking Geeks are Shaping our Future

Notes from the SXSW session featuring GE CMO, Lisa Kennedy.

Synopsis: Imagine a world in which everything you say and do, and how your body responds, is tracked and analyzed. This panel featured speakers who have imagined that world and worked to create it as entrepreneurs, executives, investors, organizers and fanatics.

Set-up from Peter Zandan @zzandan
Self-tracking is mainstream. Apple store has 20 self-tracking products
14.5% of US population is self tracking. Way more than who is on Twitter.
Les than half of US society trusts science. However 80% of us believe in miracles!

Lisa Kennedy @gehealthy
1. Health 3.0 is self diagnosing hardware. smaller, cheaper devices.
2. The rise of ambient intelligence that can map your “Behavioral Genome.”
3. Clothing being made with sensors. Comfortable technology is changing our perception of technology.
4. In the future, women can wear continuous breast cancer screening monitors. First Warning Systems has this for $1000.
5. DIY individual Telomere testing is a predictor of DNA instability or damage and loss of cell and tissues function.
6. We are 30-50 years behind in the study of the brain organ vs other organs. NeuroVigil’s iBrain device is a new monitor. Stephan Hawking is testing. Essentially this is fundamental mind reading.
7. First shooter games are actually good for you! Helps with focus.
8. Lisa believes Data = the currency of health.

Sonny Vu, CEO of Misfit Wearables @sonnyvu
Self tracking technology will be truly mainstream when it stops making you look like Tron.
Tech must be fashion agnostic.

Gary Wolf, Quantified Self Founder @agaricus
Quantified Self is self knowledge through numbers.
See for local meet-ups.
QS users should share their experiences which can help craft where this world goes.
The Zombi meme idea.
Seems like QS members are not narcissists.